Solar Press is a leading developer of lightweight, low cost, flexible solar panels based on organic photovoltaic (OPV) technology.

The Company’s vision is to be the world’s leading provider of OPV Process technology to enable the low cost reliable manufacture of solar panels in high volume in all regions of the world.

OPV is a promising alternative to conventional PV due to its compatibility with high throughput, low CAPEX print-based manufacturing, ease of product integration, durability and ability to operate in outdoor and indoor lighting conditions.

Solar press is targeting applications including  indoor energy harvesting (e.g. for powering autonomous wireless sensors) to off-grid charging in developing countries (displacing dangerous and environmentally damaging kerosene based lighting) and ultimately building integrated and building applied PV applications.

Solar Press works in partnership with coating equipment manufacturers and materials suppliers to deliver a unique turn-key manufacturing solution for OPV solar module production.  Solar Press’ customers are companies in all regions of the world wishing to manufacture affordable OPV solar panels to address local market needs..

The Company’s technology development laboratories and corporate headquarters are based in London, UK. Solar Press was founded in 2009 as a joint venture between the Carbon Trust ( and C-Change, a group of leading academics in the fields of plastic and printed electronics.


Solar Press is busy working on a brand new website, with exciting updates and details on our technology and strategy. We look forward to sharing this with you very soon. 



Solar Press is developing application-specific photovoltaic modules for its customers. The module designs are optimized for the power output, lifetime, functional, and system integration requirements of the customer application.